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Za tento produkt nie sú dostupné žiadne prémiové beatcoiny, pretože už existuje zľava.

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Multi beam effect 5x3W RGBWA LED + 42 SMD5050, 5 DMX channels, automatic/sound


Multi-beam combo effect and strobe with 5 colour LED technology (RGBWA) and SMD5050 for the strobe section. The 8 projection lenses offer a wide emission angle, producing hundreds of multicoloured rays in motion and rotation. The central ring of white LED play a strobe effect that can dazzle the audience.


Light source: 5x3 W RGBWA LEDs + 42 LED SMD5050 white

Beam angle: 65°, 8 lenses produce hundreds of points of light

DMX mode: 2 / 5 channel

Sound mode: switch music via the internal microphone, sensitivity control

Connections: XLR-3p (signal), VDE plug (power supply)

Power Supply: AC 100/240 V, 50/60 Hz

Average power consumption: 30 W

Power output for connection of multiple units in series: up to 21 projectors at 230 V

Weight: 3,7 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD): 145x105x209 mm


Signal connection: XLR 3p IN/OUT connectors

Power connection: IEC IN/OUT connectors


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